Role: Illustrator

Working closely with Restaurant.com's social media community manager, the execution of short, stop-motion videos via instagr.am highlights monthly national food days in conjunction with the content marketing strategy. In efforts to increase customer engagement and awareness of food celebrations across all social networks, we wanted to explore Restaurant.com's narrative, playful branding through an animated, illustrative style of storytelling.

Previous Videos:
National Eat-A-Peach Day

Roles: Lead Designer

The development of the Plate Escape Pinterest sweepstakes was a collaborative project with the social media strategy team of Restaurant.com. Focused primarily on increasing the awareness of Restaurant.com's Pinterest business page by incentivizing our current customers with a food and travel prize package, the metrics of engagement and measurement of customer acquisition was determined by the number repins, retweets and likes/shares across multiple social networks.

Designed with playful typography and illustration, the creative direction targeted Restaurant.com's #1 audience, mothers of young families. We kept our customers engaged on Pinterest through use of eye-catching food shots on the #PlateEscape board. The consistency of promotional messaging and branding was a crucial factor throughout the week-long campaign.

Role: Concept Artist

The Restaurant.com in-house creative team comprised of designers and copywriters collaborated throughout the conceptual stage to the execution of transactional emails. With promotions based off of food trends, holidays, and seasonal celebrations, our primary focus was to represent Restaurant.com's playful brand identity while also portraying our dining deal values: never expiring, no restrictions and use anytime.

Utilizing light food photography and cheerful sketches, our team wanted to be witty in our headlines and experiment with word play. The layouts show above are observational drawings based off of food shots and uses the Restaurant.com fonts to better depict the final artwork when presented to the marketing team.

Roles: Chicago Designer

The You & Who City Pride collection is comprised of 40 U.S. city artists creating a t-shirt designs which best represents the atmosphere of our respective city. With the company's social good mantra of "Buy a shirt, give a shirt in need," I'm honored to have designed one for Chicago benefitting the Lincoln Park Community Shelter.

You & Who is a 1-for-1 model organization giving back to the homeless.

A video collaboration between Selfless, Unscene Media Group & Appleavocado.

Roles: Director/Designer

While partnering up for some time with Selfless, my philanthropic venture in finding ways to to make an impact in local communities by bridging the gap between art and philanthropy was aimed to unite visual and performing artists to give back with their creativity. To this day, I continue to build a network of artists nationwide and advocate selfless, artistic acts such as leading a 2012 holiday card project for the U.S. Marines stationed out in Afghanistan by collecting designed cards.

I was able to meet and interview several artists who were doing good in their community - one of whom was a street artist in Milwaukee, WI spreading a sticker art movement empowering others to 'have goals.'

"Consistency of both communication and work production is an art in itself amongst the artistic community. This in addition to a hunger for learning and raw talent has led me to put a great deal of faith in Elisha and I stand behind her invaluable involvement in helping Selfless grow. Beyond the business, Elisha is easy to get along with, encouraging and can be just as much a friend as she can a viable, reputable colleague."

Mike Maravilla, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Selfless

Roles: Jr. Art Director & Social Media Content Manager

The Find Yours campaign was executed amongst several Chicago small-businesses in the creative industry as well as independent artists in effort to promote the rebranding of modular utility bags across a broader audience. Partaking in the creative team's brainstorming sessions, the concept of Find Yours evolved from the product's versatility to transform and translate to fit the needs of a large range of lifestyles - from break dancers, deejays, photographers, hikers and of course, the common urban commuter.

Other than assisting with EQ's marketing/promotional strategies, I was included in the development of video production with storyboarding, video directing and organizing the 2-day shoot.

By undertaking the responsibilities for social media content, I established a growing relationship with our consumers and supporters by keeping them engaged throughout the campaign with behind-the-scene images to pique their interests and managing contests. Through use of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, our followers were constantly informed about the project's progression prior to the video debut. By the time the video launched after this 5-month long project, the number of followers grew heavily and continues to do so to this day.

A collaborative project between Equilibrium USG, Appleavocado & Unscene Media Group.

"Elisha is very proactive in getting things organized and executed. Multi-tasking is her biggest strength. She has became more well-rounded from having to balance as a creative artist and juggle the business end of things. Her engaging personality and ability to adapt smoothly to any situation she's placed in makes her a valuable asset for our company. EQ is very blessed to have someone who is on top of their game!"

Phalkun Phoeng, Director of Operations at Equilibrium USG

Roles: Creative Director & Curator

An art show hosted by the CRAN (Communities Rally for Artistic Nourishment) Project featuring 25 Chicago artists and 5 vendors held to raise money and awareness of the Children's Heart Foundation's fight for advanced scientific research in hopes to cure Congenital Heart Disease.

By creating a theme focused on each artists' dedication to art and 'having the heart for it,' the show further exemplified each participant's personal, passionate story. The name itself was formulated from the wide array of mediums of each artist from photography, painting to even paper sculptures. Taking lead in the creative direction and design, I managed the execution of the exhibit design and ensured the look and style of marketing deliverables remained consistent.

Aside from this 5-month long production, I assumed the responsibility of keeping our audience engaged prior to the show by creating contests/raffle giveaways with our vendors: NoBox Brewing, 5 Rabbit, 13aked, Equilibrium USG & Rockstar Ink.

Event photography taken by Unscene Media Group. More event coverage may be found on their blog.

"Elisha is a fantastic event coordinator, artist, designer and all around spectacular individual. Without her dedication and tireless hard work, CRAN Project would have not been able to produce Art From the Heart and Other Parts. She is talented in many ways, not only providing a beautiful art piece for a silent auction, but also multitasking through many sleepless nights to ensure all the artists and vendors were pleased with the final product. She is a fantastic person to work with. I look forward to future events where her talents will surely be key to their success."

Raul Heredia, Director of CRAN Project

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